You Can Take It With You: Six Things Worth Packing

There isn't much that can top a great travel experience, and one of the best ways to make sure your trip is a hit is to take the right equipment. Being away from home, even if it's just for a few nights, can be downright disorienting. It's important to find gear you can swear by, and luckily there are a number of reliable products on the market. Here are some of my top picks.


Who doesn't dream of a suitcase that's large yet easy to maneuver? Samsonite has the answer. The EZCart Suiter has four wheels that make turning almost effortless, and allow the case to be pulled or pushed. It features collapsible shelves for easy organization and a removable suiter for formalwear.

Samsonite Large EZCart Suiter: (800) 547-2247; About $230

Going the Distance

Most mobility scooters meant for daily use can weigh up to 250 pounds. For travel, though, a compact, light-weight scooter can help you go greater distances with increased versatility. The mini traveler is a mere 52 pounds - the lightest I've been able to find - and folds up in a matter of seconds.

Mini Traveler DLX: Lifestyle Mobility Aids; (877) 843-6464; About $1,500

Let Your Organizer Do the Talking

How best to organize all the notes, names and phone numbers you gathered while planning your trip? This compact talking organizer uses digital data storage and speech recognition to store and relay information. It includes a phone directory, voice note pad, appointment book - the contents of which can all be read back to you - and also functions as a talking alarm clock and calculator.

Voice Mate: Full Life Products; (800) 400-1540; About $230

Hanging Out

Go ahead, be a sucker for suction. Rods and hooks attached to suction cups provide an inexpensive way to keep stuff within reach. Press them against a wall to create a place to hang virtually anything. When you're ready to leave, remove the suction cups without harming the wall's surface.

Suction-cup based rods and hooks: Container Store; About $5

Notes to Go By

Folding twenties one way and fives another is a common practice for people who are blind. But how can you be sure you're receiving correct change abroad? An eyeglass-case-sized scanner, the Note Teller announces the denomination of any bill and is available in international models.

Note Teller: Brytech, Inc.; (800) 263-4095; About $395

Raising the Bar

Not every hotel is going to have its grab bars in ideal locations. Rather than having to change hotels or struggle with what's available, pack a set of your own. Using heavy-duty suction cups similar to those used for moving large sheets of glass, the Port-A-Bar attaches to smooth walls with the flip of two levers. You decide where to position it.

Port-A-Bar: Grabit, Inc.; (800) 542-5076; About $85